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Fly Selections > Templedog Salmon Fly 1" Selection

Templedog Salmon Fly 1" Selection

A brilliant selection of Templedog style salmon flies. The selection includes 11 stunning flies with matching double or treble hooks. The flies are all 1 inch tubes, Five of these are on 1" Copper and six have brass coneheads on plastic tubing. Templedog patterns are very popular in Scotland, Norway, Sweden and Russian rivers Included in this brilliant selection are:- Sillen/Herring 1" Conehead Green Highlander 1" Conehead Phatagorva 1" Conehead and 1" Copper Tube Red 1" Conehead Willie Gunn 1" Conehead Usual 1" Conehead Red Butt 1" Copper Tube Undertaker 1" Copper Tube Silver Wilkinson 1" Copper Tube Stardust 1" Copper Tube

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