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Trout and Grayling Bug Selection

Perfect selection of river flies for the beginner through to the experience, all flies tied on fulling mill barbless hooks perfect for catch and release angling. This selection of flies ideal for both trout and grayling throughout the year and allows the angler to fish two of the most popular cold condition methods. Doula /Trio and bugging. Pink hot spot shrimp, in a size 14 with a gold brass bead and a lead body. Purple and orange collar pheasant tail. Size 16 jig hook with a 2.5 mm silver tungsten bead. Red tag. Size 16 jig hook with a silver 3mm tungsten bead. Pearly hot head pheasant tail. Size 16 with a orange bead Peeping caddie size 12 jig hook with a 4 mm black tungsten bead, also has two lairs of led on the body. Rubber leg hot head, size 14 with a gold bead and a shrimp back.

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