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Full Complete Seasons Selection

The Full Complete Season Selection has been made up to suit somebody just starting out salmon fishing and doesn't know where to start or what to purchase. With this selection every base is covered from size to colour. There are 131 flies in this selection covering both dressed flies and tube flies each coming in their own box. 66 Dress Flies on hook sizes ranging from size 6 to size 14. Complete in Large Plastic Fly Box. 65 Tube Flies on an assortment of Plastic, Aluminium, Copper and Conehead in sizes ranging from Micro up to 2" Complete in our Divider System Tube Fly Box along with 20 assorted treble hooks. (If you prefer Double Hooks please let us know at checkout) This selection is designed to be sold as a whole selection but I'll add options in the drop down menu for Dressed and Tubes separate. Please note on a rare occassions flies might differ slightly from the ones illustrated.

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