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Spring Salmon Fly Selection

A selection of 12 deadly spring salmon flies put together by the Tay Salmon Fly Team. Complete with matching hooks, this is a must have fly selection for anybody aiming for that elusive springer. Included in the box are:- 1 1/2 " Tosh Copper Tube 2" Gold Bodied Willie Gunn Copper Tube 1 1/2 " Gold Bodied Willie Gunn Copper Tube 1 1/2" Black and Yellow Special Copper Tube 1 1/2 " Chartreuse Special Copper Tube 1" Monkey 3 1/2 " Wing Aluminium Tube 3/4 " Black and Yellow Franc N Snaelda Conehead 1" Monkey 3 1/2" Wing Plastic Tube 1 1/2" Posh Tosh Copper Tube The Usual Templedog 1" German Snaelda 3/4" Willie Gunn Snaelda Copper Tube

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